How Wide is a Full Bed?

How Wide is a Full Bed?

When it comes to bed sizes, width matters. Here, we spotlight the width of full-size beds and contrast it with other bed dimensions.

Width of a Full-Size Bed

The standard full-size bed, also recognized as a double bed, spans a width of 54 inches.

Width Comparisons: Full vs. Other Sizes

Full vs. Twin

A full-size bed is 15 inches wider than a standard twin bed, which typically measures 39 inches in width.

Full vs. Queen

Compared to a queen-size bed, which is 60 inches wide, a full-size bed is 6 inches narrower.

Full vs. King

A standard king bed, with a width of 76 inches, is 22 inches wider than a full bed. That's almost twice the width!

The Importance of Width

The bed's width determines how much horizontal space you'll have during sleep. For those sharing the bed, width can dictate comfort levels and the amount of personal sleeping space.

Accessorizing Your Full-Size Bed

When accessorizing your full bed, opt for full-size beddings to ensure the perfect fit. And for a comfortable sleep experience, the mattress quality plays a vital role. For exceptional 'Made in the USA' hybrid mattresses, look no further than


Knowing the width of a full-size bed and its comparison with other sizes equips you to make informed decisions, whether you're buying a bed, choosing linens, or arranging bedroom furniture. Here's to creating a sleep space tailored to your needs!

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