Unlocking Dimensions: How Wide is a King Size Bed?

Unlocking Dimensions: How Wide is a King Size Bed?

Welcome to another exclusive from Jake and Jessica at SecretMattress.com, the champions for better sleep. When it comes to maximizing comfort, choosing the right bed size is paramount. One question we often get is, "How wide is a king size bed?" Let's unravel this.

King Size Bed: The Royal Width

A standard king size bed, often referred to as an Eastern king, measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This generous width offers ample space for couples, making it a popular choice for master bedrooms.

Comparing to Other Sizes

When you compare a king bed's width to a queen, which stands at 60 inches wide, you're gaining an additional 16 inches of sleeping space. This extra width can make all the difference, especially if you value personal space or share the bed with children or pets.

Enhance Your King with a Hybrid Mattress

Once you've settled on the grandeur of a king size bed, elevate your sleep experience by pairing it with a hybrid mattress. Our American-made hybrid mattresses ensure that every inch of your king bed offers the perfect blend of support and luxury. Supporting local and 'Made in the USA' quality has never been so comfortable!

Conclusion: A Bed Fit for Kings (and Queens!)

A king size bed, with its generous width, promises unparalleled comfort. And when you combine it with a high-quality hybrid mattress, every night feels regal.

Curious about fitting a king bed in your space or exploring hybrid mattress options? Dive into SecretMattress.com's range, and let's make your sleep royally exceptional!

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